Djävlar Anamma (2-6 Aug)

Tidigare elever på Konstskolan 2.

Djävlar Anamma is an exhibition by three Swedish art students from The Glasgow School of Art; Melanie Wiksell, Richard Krantz and Carolina Andreasson. We will deal with our individual relations between Sweden and Glasgow, origin and home.

2 August – 6 August 12 pm – 6 pm
Opening night: 1 August 5 pm – 9 pm

The title ‚ÄúDjävlar Anamma‚Äù is an old complex Swedish expression, dated back to the early 19th century and has different meanings depending on the context. ‚ÄúDjävlar Anamma‚Äù can describe a quality that is characterized by: boldness, courage,combativeness, gall, strength.

You need a lot of ‚ÄúDJåÑVLAR ANAMMA‚Äù in life, but also to make it as an artist. You must learn to speak up and not let others put you down!

Show some ‚ÄúDJåÑVLAR ANAMMA‚Äù and fight for your thing!

The two words can also be a way of cursing. Where it would translate to ”God Damn It!”.


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